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The House of Scientists and Experts of Rechovot
(founded in July 1991)

In the House of Scientists and Experts of Rechovot:
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Дом ученых и  специалистов



In the House of Scientists and Experts
 we are working
at following fields:

* gathering of materials and creation of databank about repatriates – figures of science, technology and culture - inhabitants of Rechovot and vicinities. You are welcome to prepare available materials related to the subject; 


* work on projects of the "Russian Jewry in Abroad" Center, in particular, gathering of materials about the contribution of the Jews originating from Russia (the USSR, the CIS) to the Earth of Israel and the State of Israel, participation in creation of a virtual museum of science, selection of materials for Internet magazine (see details on a site proceedings;



* series of lectures on up-to-date directions of a science and technology, and as well concerning economics, the law, in particular, pension ensuring, etc.;


* a series of lectures on a theme "the Torah and the science" in which it should be told about the mathematical proof of possibility of transition of Jews through the Red sea, about "the codes" put in the Torah, etc.;


* seminars concerning pension ensuaring of the repatriates who have arrived at the age of 40 +, not earned in Israel full pension; concerning preservation of the environment (water, air, influence of radiation of cellular telephones); safety on roads, etc. – you are welcome to get registered in the seminar that you choose, or to offer other theme which is of interest for you;


* lessons and consultations of experts for school pupils and students, a technique of preparation of pupils of graduation classes to final examinations in mathematics, in particular, is offered; 


* for school-leaving certificate reception - experts in area of mathematics and technical disciplines are invited for advancement of this project as advisers of pupils;


* the help in mastering the basic knowledge in chemistry for the further work or study, including mastering by terminology, acquaintance with requirements of the Israeli market, work on the computer taking into account specificity of work of chemical laboratories and their visiting;


* meetings of experts with youth about professional guidance on the basis of the information on a trade preliminarily prepared and spread by experts out among youth.<


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New Projects:


"Righteous People of Science" Project

"Scientifically and Clearly" Project

Who May Be
a Member of the House of Scientists and Experts of Rechovot ?

    Any person irrespective of age and political views, the place of residence and education can be a member of the House of scientists and experts of Rechovot. The single requirement – an active fair life attitude on all problems of the society development, problems of morals and ethics. The special attention is given to the issues of new technologies development. The house of scientists and experts of Rechovot is the organization beyond politics. The house of scientists and experts of Rechovot accepts all kinds of ideas in the field of a science, technology, education, social development and is ready to participate in their advancement actively.

Regulation About Websites of the House of Scientists

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