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The House of Scientists and Experts of Rechovot
(founded in July 1991)

In the House of Scientists and Experts of Rechovot:
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    4.1. A Calendar of Memorials

    4.2. Jews of the CIS

   Jews – Founders of the Weapon of the Victory

   S.Mikhoels, the Soviet Jews, Stalin and "Veniamin the Third Syndrome"

    4.3. Jews of Israel

   Meeting with the Writer Efraim Bauh

   Elsha Bezverhnyaya

   Edward Shifrin

    L. Morgulis, Leonid Lurie, Valentin Shorr, Haim Pekeris, I.M. Gelfand, Mark Kempner, Efraim Katsir

    M.M.Bongard-Polonsky, Ja.B.Zeldovich, Dennis Gabor, Wolfgang Ernest Pauli, On Abram Fyodorovich Ioffe 130th Anniversary ...

    4.5. Materials on Jewish Tradition

   Yorzeit, Bein Hameitzarim

    4.6. Questions and Answers from the Rabbi


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