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The House of Scientists and Experts of Rechovot
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  Elsha Moiseevna Bezverhnyaya Obituary

  "Gesher" Theater 20th Anniversary

  On March, 27th 2011 the International Day of Theater «Since the morning we have visited the eldest actress of the Jewish theater (probably, the oldest in the world!) Elsha Moiseevna Bezverhnyaya......»

   Memorial Evening of the Outstanding Figure of Jewish Theater, Moisei Solomonovich Belenky

  Star Light of Moisei Belenky

   To the 100-th Anniversary of Birth of Moisei Solomonovich Belenky




On March 25th 2010 on Winer street, 2 has taken place the evening on a theme "The Jewish Theaters in the USSR" which has been devoted to the International Day of Theatre. At the evening it has been declared creation of a society of friends of the Jewish Theater.


Those wishing to join it are asked to address the House of Scientists and Experts of Rechovot.


  She served in the GOSET

  A Century Passed and the Life … Lasts

  "Silver Wedding" of the Actor Vladimir Friedman and His Spectators

  100-th anniversary of the Actress of the GOSET Theater E. M. Bezverhnyaya

   The Anniversary Evening - Devoted to the 100-th anniversary of Rechovot inhabitant Elsha Bezverhnyaya, the actress of the Moscow Jewish Theater under the direction of S. M. Mikhoels.

  Elsha Moiseevna Bezverhnyaya – the Actress of Moscow GOSET

  Celebratory Evening of Anniversary Year of "Gesher" Theater

  Ester Markish

   S.Mikhoels, the Soviet Jews, Stalin and "Benjamin The Third Syndrome"




   The Evening Devoted to the International Day of Theatre


On March, 26th, 2009 on Winer street , 2 has taken place the evening devoted to the International Day of Theatre, At first J.Iovnovich has made the review of theatrical performances for the period which has passed from previous day of Theatre, the comparative review of the Israeli theaters and prospect of their development have been given also. M.Golubchik has told about the theatrical impressions of the period of residing in the Far East. Evening has come to the end with the playbill announcement for the next months

  Questionnaire about "Gesher" Theater



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